Unfortunately due to the ongoing severe drought circumstances, the 2019 School Steer Challenge Competition program will not be going ahead. The very popular Education Day will still be taking place on Friday 25th October, which is open to all schools. We hope the drought breaks and the School Steer Challenge Competition will be back bigger and better in 2020.

The Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza Inc. consists of an enthusiastic committee dedicated to providing our youth experience and education in the Australian Beef Industry. This year the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza will be held Friday 25th - Sunday 27th October, 2019.

As in previous years we will include the Upper Hunter Schools Steer Challenge, in which schools both Primary and Secondary have the opportunity to prepare and present a steer for the show. The last few years of this competition have proven to be an outstanding success. 

Why might our school wish to participate?

Caring for Animals is an excellent addition to any school program. Students benefit by learning how to provide for the basic needs of an animal, animal welfare concepts, feeding cattle, ruminant digestive systems, breaking in cattle, presentation of a steer for the show ring and parading. It can fit into a number of subject areas such as Agriculture, Science and Commerce. 

What does the steer challenge involve?

The School Steer Challenge is one of the easiest ways for your school to become involved in cattle preparation and handling. Participating schools will be allocated a steer from Waverley Station on Wednesday 29th June 2016.

Each school will also receive one tonne of feed. The steer will stay in the care of the school until the “Live Day” on Friday 21st October, 2016.  During that time the steer will be fed, broken to halter and prepared for the show by the students with the supervision of teachers/parent helpers. 

After the “Live Day” the steer will be judged on the “hook”. Your school will be repaid for its hard work as proceeds of the sale of the carcase will be divided into 25% to the school and 65% returning to Waverly Station. 

Will our school receive support during the preparation process?

Support will be available upon request in all areas of steer preparation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist in any way.

How do we get involved?

Simply fill out an Entry form and Schools Commitment Form and return it to the above address by Friday 17th June. The competition can only facilitate a maximum of thirty five schools, therefore it is imperative that we receive all entry forms by this date so we can organise steers/feed for the event. Should there be more than thirty five entry forms submitted, the committee will select the schools to participate based on their prior contribution to the competition and their ability to carry out the project.  

For entry forms and to answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact our Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza President Doug Robertson on: 0418 619 909/0265 453 762. Email doug@turanville.com.au


We look forward to your participation and we can assure you that your students will not only enjoy but benefit from being involved in this excellent opportunity.


Yours sincerely,

Doug Robertson

President, Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza Inc.